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The football manager is back at another Premier League club, who are fighting a big battle with the flying J in Bristol. Until 31 July 2020, you can browse our FM20 Tactics and Wonderkid Guide and experience the Bristol derby on a virtual stage. In 2003, MK Dons played their first game in the city at the National Hockey Stadium and it was 36 years before Bristol City were in the top flight. They first trained together at Bristol Town's new training ground in 2013 and in 2003 they played our first game in that city, at the National Hockey Stadium.

Five clubs are in the top flight, four non-champions are in the top flight and there are a number of clubs in the Championship, including Bristol City, Bristol United and Bristol Town. Bristol also has a wide selection of coaches who can offer coaching in a variety of sports, from football, cycling, golf, tennis, swimming and cycling. We have a VCC and five clubs operate competitive swimming, as well as the Bristol Cycling Club, a cycling club and a golf club.

Mary Old Boys Rugby Club is the current Gloucestershire County champion for 2017 and there are also surrounding teams in Cardiff, Plymouth and Gloucester. Bristol is also home to the Bristol Storm Basketball Club, which is located at the City Academy in the centre of Bristol, and Bristol Academy Basketball Club 9, which is located on the grounds of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Bristol city centre. Bristol Handball Club is the only club and they play their home games at the Princess Royal Sports Complex in Wellington. Somerset due to a lack of facilities outside Bristol but they are based at City Academy, Bristol.

The club is based at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Bristol city centre and the Princess Royal Sports Complex in Wellington, Gloucester.

Clifton RFC and Dings Crusaders are competing in the National Division Three North, while Old Redcliffians are competing in the National Division Three South, the fifth division. Wales and Northern Ireland also have national leagues and Scotland has a Premier League club with Celtic Rangers, a Glasgow club. English football fans can follow the acclaimed Premier League, FA Cup, League of England and League Cup, UEFA Champions League, European Cup of Nations and Champions League.

Bristol Thunder was founded in 2011 and is the largest club in Bristol with over 30 players, currently having four active teams in local and regional leagues. Bristol Thunder currently play in the West of England League, which is played at the University of Bristol, Bristol City Football Club and Bristol University. There is a thriving, growing and now thriving basketball community with a number of local clubs and 4Active teams playing both in Bristol and the Regional League. Bristol has one of the liveliest and most vibrant basketball communities in England, Bristol Basketball Club. Established in 2010 as a member of the South West Corfball League as part of a partnership between Bristol United and the City of London Basketball Association (BBLA) Bristol City is home to the highest level of youth basketball in the UK and this year has added two teams to the league, SWKA Div1 and SWKA Div 2.

Now in their fourth season in the Premier League, they may follow in the footsteps of their crosstown counterparts Bristol City of the Championship. They have six points from a play-off game and seem in a good position to make the breakthrough and progress to the final.

The city was founded in 1897 when Bristol South End turned professional and changed its name to Bristol City, but not for the rest of its history.

Rovers joined the Football League in 1920 and stayed there until 2014, when they were relegated to the Football Conference before rising again the following year. In 1993, the city council also organised the Tour of Britain in Bristol, which attracted more than 4,000 participants and ended with Bristol at the top of the standings, starting with a victory over Manchester United in front of more than 1,500 spectators. Bristol had applied to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup in England in July 2009, and in December 2009 the Football Association announced that Bristol would be one of those cities, although the bid was ultimately unsuccessful. The bid for a second bid in 2011, this time from Bristol City FC, was successful and Bristol was the host city of England.

The Bristol Ruwing Club regatta brings together several of the city's most popular sports, such as cycling and rowing, and includes several rowing races, including a combined Bristol regatta and rowing clubs. Bristol City Swimming Clubs are part of a network of clubs supported by the ASA, which also promotes performance in swimming. We have a small but successful swimming learning program aimed at developing young swimmers into competitive swimming, and we also offer master swimming courses and offer a number of competition events for young people as well as a number of community events.

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