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Recently, I spent a weekend in Bristol, the eighth largest city in Britain, on a two-hour train ride to London. Less than 2 hours by train from London, it is a hip and lively city in the south west of England.

Bristol Bus Station is very centrally located in the city and offers many National Express and Megabus services throughout the UK and Wales. There are many connections from Bristol to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin and other destinations. It is located on the south-west side of Bristol city centre and offers direct connections to over 125 destinations across Europe.

Bristol is served by Bristol Temple Meads 24, which is more central, and by the X39, which runs regularly between the city centre and Bristol Airport. The M5 motorway connects Bristol south to Exeter and then via Bristol City Centre and South Bristol to the south west of the UK.

If you visit Bristol by car (which I do), you can take a 20-minute trip to the seaside town to enjoy a nice dinner overlooking the marina, or even drive all the way to Bath. Stay in Bristol's central harbour on a guided tour of the Cycle City, or take a 20-minute trip to coastal towns for some lovely dinners overlooking marinas.

Another option is to add a day in London or Edinburgh or take a special day trip to each city to visit some of the sights outside the city. Next, I recommend the 8-day tour from Bristol to London, which lasts eight days (including London and Edinburgh). Those who want spectacular coastal views can also go to Wales for a few days by boat.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and is home to the Cabot Tower, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the opening of Bristol's first railway station. Another fun activity for a weekend in Bristol is hiking on the Avon Trail, where the bridge will be visible below. Take the Bristol Packetboat Tour of Avon Gorge and enjoy breathtaking views of London, Bristol and the rest of England and Wales from Bristol.

You will also find a number of great shops, restaurants, shops and cafes in the city centre, as well as a variety of cafes and bars. Don't miss the breathtaking views of the River Avon from the top of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Cabot Tower.

For more ideas for Bristol, check out our guide to Bristol activities, which should give you plenty of ideas to fill your time. If you have any questions about Bristol United Kingdon Travel or any other travel, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Bristol also boasts a unique architectural style known as Bristol Byzantine, which was developed in the mid-19th century. Our Bristol route includes a number of museums that you can include or skip depending on whether you're visiting history or culture or just enjoying a leisurely weekend. There are several other museums around Bristol Harbour that have free entry, such as the M-Shed, which tells the story and culture of Bristol from its beginnings to the present day.

While Cardiff is a bustling city just outside Bristol, Bath has a quieter atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to meet friends and family, as well as a number of local shops and restaurants. After Cardiff you are back in the UK - Bristol to be precise - and it is an easy and enjoyable day trip from Bristol if you want to visit some of Bristol's most famous attractions, such as the National Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts. Crossing the mighty Severn estuary, you find yourself in a traditional bath that could not be more different. The city of Bath is situated on the banks of the River Seversbeed, just a few kilometres from the city centre.

The funky YHA Bristol is right on the docks, making it a particularly family-friendly destination. Just off the dock is funkyYHA in Bristol, with a range of shops and restaurants, as well as the Royal Academy.

Finally, you can return to London or catch a flight home from Dublin or Edinburgh, depending on your desired tour. From Edinburgh we can spend a few days in Edinburgh, followed by a day trip to the Royal Academy of Art, followed by a few days trip to Bristol, coming directly from London. You can reach the airport by bus from Bristol Bus Station, which runs every ten minutes, or by direct flight from the city centre to Bristol International Airport.

Here is a list of day trips where you can get a return ticket to London for less than £10 per person. Bristol is not the only bargain for day trips that National Express can offer, but it is not a bad idea to come to Bristol as London's Heathrow Airport is only 97 miles from Bristol and sometimes substantial savings can be made. To get to Bristol by bus or train, it can take a few hours from London, although fares vary depending on where you buy and travel. Check the price of your ticket in and out of London before you arrive in Bristol to get the best price and the most convenient route to your destination.

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